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Hi Wendy,
I’m not sure if you remember me, I got married last November & came into Brides of Beecroft desperate for help after the dry cleaners destroyed my wedding dress the week of my wedding.
I found a Sareh Nouri dress in your store & fell in love straight away, & just wanted to email & say the biggest most heartfelt thank you possible to all of you for the help you gave Mum & I the day that we came in. I was so distraught & worried, & everyone’s professionalism & assistance was just what I needed to get through a really stressful process.
I can’t say thank you enough for fitting us in & for being so understanding. I was, & still am, so in love with the dress you found for me & have raved to everyone who will listen about how fantastic Brides of Beecroft were in taking care of me, from helping me find the dress right through to assisting with the process of getting it cleaned for the second wedding in the UK.
Thank you so much again, it will always mean the world to me that you all so readily helped out & understood and knew just what to do!

Lots of love,
Caity x

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