8 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Veil

8 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Veil


That being said, there are so many variables to take into account when choosing your perfect veil, which can make the end result even more suited to you!

Here are 8 tips to point you in the right direction to finish off your perfect bridal look.

The Raw Edge

So many ladies we meet much prefer a simple and delicate bridal look, and that’s a beautiful direction to head in. The perfect solution to combining the bridal glory of wearing a veil, with the desire for simplicity is choosing a veil with a raw edge. This means that when the tule stops, there is no detail or border creating any more drama. The simple raw finish simply helps to add framing to the bridal look, without drawing attention away from the woman of the moment.

The Ribbon Edge

Similar to the raw edge in function, the ribbon edge veil provides framing to the bridal beauty, without loosing the gentle and delicate look many women desire. It consists of a simple thin white ribbon to be added to the outer edge of the veil, and continues around the whole edge of the veil, including the blusher: the section of the veil which covers the face (a feature many brides opt out of). The ribbon edge adds an elegance to a variety of different styles, and is never a wrong choice due to its timeless beauty.

The Lace Edge

The lace edged veil is a perfect fit for those who wants to take their bridal style to the next level. They are perfect to match with gowns made of mikado silk or crepe which are of a plain white or off-white colouring. The lace veil here brings an added texture to the look, along with added romance. They can also work beautifully with gowns of a similar lace, meeting to create a stunning fusion where veil meets train. A must have for girls who want to pursue the bridal romance they’ve always dreamt of.

The Beaded Beauty

Just like the lace veil we’ve heard about already, the beaded edged veil has a beaded trim, which wraps its way around the edge of the tule veil. We’ve seen this work beautifully with gowns with have similar beading to that on the veil, and the sparkles in the beading bring out the very best in each other, building textures and attracting the eye to the sensitive glamour it creates. The beaded veil can work beautifully with any gown, whether already glitz and glam-ified, or is a simple lace gown, awoken by the addition of the beading.

The Croft

A one off beauty which we had specially made for our Brides, is The Croft veil. It is hand beaded with Swarovski crystals, through the body of the veil, as opposed to remaining to the edge of the veil as seen in the beaded edge veil. Instead the veil has a raw edge. This stunner is a complete show stopper, and perfect for girls who want dive head first into all things sparkle for their show-stealing bridal look.

The Blusher

An element of the veil which has been very dependant on changes in tradition over the years is the Blusher. The blusher is the section of the veil which was traditionally placed over the rides face, until she was confirmed married to her husband at the top of the aisle. Nowadays many brides remove their blusher from covering their face when they reach the top of the aisle with whoever is giving them away, rather than waiting until the end of the ceremony. That being said, it’s very common to see brides on the wedding day with a simple single tier veil, which doesn’t have the blusher included. This single tier is a simple movement of soft tule from the head to the bottom of the train, and adds a beautiful amount of elegance and framing to the bridal look.

The Fingertip

The fingertip veil is a stylish substitute to a long veil, and perfect for brides who would prefer to go for a more modern look. Often chosen by ladies who want to keep their veil on for the whole day (ceremony, photos, and reception) the fingertip veil is low maintenance and high impact, using simplicity and effective shaping to flatter the bridal figure and enhance the bridal beauty.

It’s All In The Comfort

Here at Brides of Beecroft we are always encouraging brides to make decisions based on what makes them happy, and what makes them the most comfortable. If wearing a grand, sparkly, 2 tier veil is what makes you feel your best, then that’s what you need to do! If you feel your best wearing a simple fingertip veil, that’s great too. We love seeing brides feeling their best, and we know it when we see that beautiful smile that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. It’s all, and I mean all, about your happiness, so you do you.

Marry The One,
Wearing The One.

The team,
Brides of Beecroft.